About me

I introduce myself

Ilina Jordanova

I am a certified yoga teacher, fitness and pilates trainer, as well as nutrition coach, and I practice my vocation with passion every day.

My enthusiasm for sport and movement started at a very young age with dancing, so I graduated as a contemporary stage dancer in Zurich. I was allowed to train and perform in countries like Germany, France, Indonesia, China and USA.

In 2011 I said goodbye to the dance world and discovered my passion for fitness and yoga. My many years of dance training and experience in dance classes gave me a solid foundation in becoming a pilates and personal trainer. Discipline, stamina and self-confidence also accompanied me during the preparation and competition phases at the Bikini Fitness Swiss Championships in 2015 and 2016, where I came third.

The dance training and competition experience as an athlete confronted me with my physical as well as mental limits and I got to know my body. I can grow beyond my limits, know how to deal with them and respect them. I incorporate this knowledge and experience into every training session with my clients.

The additionally completed yoga training with a focus on Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga rounds off my knowledge and now harmoniously connects mind and body.

With my expertise, enthusiasm for sport and awareness for a healthy life I accompany you to your goal.

Your body your choice!